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Our People

Our People

Our People

Established in 2014, Pacific Property was formed by experienced property people, Denis McMahon and Philip Tushingham, in response to the perceived need for a simple yet robust commercial property investment vehicle.

Philip Tushingham

Denis McMahon

Our Investment Philosophy 

Our objective is to build, over time, a geographically spread and diversified portfolio of industrial and commercial properties which provide strong and sustainable returns to investors, whilst offering more diversification and liquidity.

We base our investment decisions on location (maintaining geographic diversity through regions, balanced by essential exposure to key markets such as Auckland), proximity to arterial routes, availability of parking, seismic rating, generic nature of the premises for future use and future tenancy prospects.

Due to the nature of our investment criteria, and desire to have a diversified spread of property without any one property dominating the portfolio, the targeted properties will normally sit in the $8m to $30m price range.